In 2004, I (Jackie Hutchinson) visited Bundang in South Korea as part of my second year Bible School assignment. I was so impacted with the passion that the Koreans had for prayer, that I was left with a deep longing to seek God for the same zeal as these brothers and sisters did, praying seven nights a week from 10.00pm until 9.00am, for revival in their land.

 When I returned from the trip, I came aside to seek the Lord for a prayer life like theirs for two years. I  began pouring through the bible like never before to know God in a more intimate way than I did, and through intensive prayer get closer to His heart.

    Then one day, whilst I was in prayer, I had a vision that would continue to burn on the inside of me to promote the importance of prayer, in reviving and restoring us back to God in this nation. The vision I received was vivid. I saw a single tap suspended in the clouds above me, with one drip of water just hanging from it. I watched as the drips fell, hitting the top of a grey, dry and bare mountain. It became wet over a period of time, with the many drips which had began to trace themselves to the foot of the mountain. Water began to pool at its base, and began to course its way over the edge of a piece of land. The water poured over, cascading itself like a waterfall toward a Nation – that Nation was the United Kingdom. The water hit the very top of Scotland, drip by drip  water began to trickle into the British Isles and the entire  road map of the UK appeared before my eyes. The water began to find its way and soak through every road and lane in the nation, from the top of Scotland, to every part of the British Isles. I asked in wonder at the vision, and what it meant. ‘Twenty four hour prayer’ was revealed to me.

As I watched this picture develop, It became clear that God was speaking of an urgent call to prayer. It was  made immediately clear to me as I watched this vision that all of heaven’s rich supply of living water lay beyond that tap above the clouds, and the only way to access that water was from the tap that I could see in the air. Every drip which appeared was in answer to the prayers of the body of believers. There it was, suspended in the sky, Gods answer to the British Isles. 


The drips were dispensed drip by drip, by the prayers from a people whom God was calling at this hour to seek His face, and return to the place of heartfelt prayer.

These words were impressed upon me:

Pray for the British Isles, 

Pray for the Church,

Pray for the Persecuted Church,

Pray for Israel.


What I heard and understood, was that this water will quench the desert places and awaken us back to God.  The four prayer points are the 4 pillars of prayer assigned to us to remember and pray for. 

Through a united praying church, God will restore the Land and the people back to Himself.

"If my people, who are called by my name, 

will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways

then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin

I will heal their land"

2 Chronicles 7:14

Where we are now....

Since opening officially in June 2014, we have been determined to build and facilitate an atmosphere of intimacy with the LORD.  As part of this, we seek to be a bridge between different churches and denominations, where brothers and sisters can come together to seek God for themselves personally and the challenges they are facing, for our nation, the church, persecuted church, Israel, and many other specific issues intertwined with those four pillars.

We see the House of Prayer as built upon three levels: local networking with churches and national and international networking with other Houses of Prayer.  The Houses of Prayer to be connected like knots that hold together a net, that we can go fishing for our nations for God's glory.

We also put the Word of God as our fundamental foundation upon which the Warrington House of Prayer is built. With this in mind, we also seek to be a training and equipping centre, where we can go deeper into Scripture together, and so equipping people to go back and help build up their local church.  As a part of this, we host a Prayer School on Friday mornings which everyone is invited to free of charge.  There are no formal commitments to this as such, so if you wish to come but won't be able to make it every week, that's absolutely fine. We are currently making our way through the 'Bible Prayer Study Course' by Kenneth E. Hagin.



As a part of the vision, we eventually would like to see the House of Prayer open 24-7 and have a Bible School alongside which would be both geographically and financially accessible for all.  In order to do this, there are several things which we require:

Time - we need people who have the capacity to spare an hour or two a week in order to man the House of Prayer, using that time to seek God. If you could contribute with spare time, and you have a friend who could join you, please contact us.


Musicians - we could have said worshippers, but in reality, we are all called to be worshippers, but not everyone is able to play a musical instrument.  We would love to host worship evenings.  If you are available and would like to help us build these, again, please contact us.


Financial - the House of Prayer operates entirely by volunteers, but we do require finance in order to meet day to day running costs e.g. rent, utilities etc.  Any donation would be gratefully received.  If you would like to set up a standing order, our bank details are as follows:

Account number: 60291788                              Sort Code: 01-09-17

The House of Prayer is not a registered charity, but we are held accountable for the vision, application of that, and our finances by our Council of Reference which is made up of several church leaders in the town.