"You will be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God" Is. 62:3

Kingdom prayer


The Kingdom of heaven it shines like a jewel

And lives that go after it find

A treasure beyond this whole world, it will fuel

And cause mans own heart to incline.

The price for this purchase will cost you your life

But O for the glory it holds

Where God, who created His man, reaches forth

And offers us purchase like gold

This real possibility in our own hands

If only we will leave all for this

Reach out for the prize God intends us to take

Lives surrendered for heavens own bliss

The cost, it is great for His Kingdom to be

First established, you must give your all

Yet I ponder His blood that was shed just for me

I am willing to answer His call.

The weight of this world and the worries it holds

Are the excess I’m willing to shed

To push through the veil, and in prayer bare my soul

For my saviour, who rose from the dead?

So what of the price for His kingdom to be

In this world to replace so much wrong

Will you pay the price for your blind eyes to see?

And awaken to Heavens own song

What more can this world offer you? God has made

All the universe, all that exists

There is no price greater. He was willing to pay!

Than the life Jesus paid, that we’d live.

I’ll never say, no, to the crucified Lord

And the price that He paid to save me

So my life now for all, for His Kingdom to be

Is the least I can give to be free?

So come have your way, my saviour, my Lord

And enable this vessel to be

Fill me with willingness full with intent

You gave me your life

Now take me!